Spin Transfer Technologies Raises $36 Million Led by Allied Minds and Invesco

Spin Transfer Technologies, Inc. a leading developer of a breakthrough MRAM universal computer memory technology announced today that it secured $36 million in Series A funding. The raise was led by its Boston-based parent company, [...]

Spin Transfer Technologies Announces First Orthogonal Spin Transfer MRAM Devices Using MTJ Read-Out

Atlanta, Georgia – Spin Transfer Technologies is pleased to announce at the 55th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials the first STT-MRAM device deploying the company’s proprietary orthogonal spin transfer technology with a magnetic [...]

Spin Transfer Technologies enters into collaboration with Singulus Technologies AG

Boston, Massachusetts — July 23 2010 — Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) announced today a collaboration with Singulus Technologies AG to apply advanced deposition techniques to support commercial development of STT’s novel MRAM memory devices. Singulus [...]

Spin Transfer Announces Breakthrough

Boston, Massachusetts— Spin Transfer Technologies is proud to announce a recent breakthrough in spin transfer MRAM development, in its sponsored research at New York University. Spin transfer MRAM, a new form of non-volatile computer memory, [...]